CEN MS Portfolio

The CEN MS program now requires that students submit a portfolio as their culminating experience instead of a comprehensive exam based on the required core courses. in their last year of study, students need to follow the instructions provided and submit their complete portfolio by the deadlines listed in the guidelines document.

Students need to attend three seminars or defenses hosted by SCAI or ECEE. They need to show proof of attendance and answer the prompts in the document below.

This change was made to the CEN degree requirements to help non-thesis students broaden their knowledge on research that is actively happening in the field, increase connections with faculty and students, and encourage meaningful discussions with their peers. Students need to synthesize the information in the seminar with their education and demonstrate an understanding of how this applies to their personal and professional goals within the industry.

First year students are not required to attend seminars, but are highly encouraged to so they are prepared to answer the prompts in the document below when they are preparing to graduate. Attending these seminars is a great way to learn about research and potentially find a thesis advisor.

If students have questions, they should contact their assigned academic advisor.

Portfolio Guidelines

Portfolio Attendance form with prompts