Computer Engineering core courses

Required Core Courses

Old core (Fall 2015 and earlier admits)

The combination of CEN 501 and CEN 502 serves to integrate the required knowledge of electrical engineering and computer science to ensure that all students have the necessary background to pursue advanced study in the areas of computer engineering. CEN501 focuses on circuit and logic design, topics that span the electrical engineering to computer engineering interface. CEN502 begins with computer architecture and focuses on operating systems, compilers and networking topics that cover the computer science to computer engineering interface. Together this pair of courses provides a common and necessary background for all students in the program to pursue graduate study in the six areas of the program. As such, these courses must be taken early in the student’s course of graduate study.

  • CEN 501, Computer Systems I: Circuits to Architectures
  • CEN 502, Computer Systems II: Fundamentals of Algorithms and Optimization Techniques

Effective Spring 2016, CEN 501 and CEN 502 will no longer be offered. Starting Spring 2016, students will need to take the new core.

New core (Spring 2016 and later admits)
  • CSE 551/591 Foundations of Algorithms
  • EEE 554 Random Signal Theory

All students are required to take the core courses, CSE 551/591 Foundations of Algorithms and EEE 554 Random Signal Theory within their first year of admission into the program.

Please refer to the table at the end of the CEN MS Handbook for a list of CEN-area courses.



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